Installment Number 3 of Winter Driving in Central Pennsylvania’s Version of “Frozen”

13 Oct

Car in snow

Winter Survival Guide

We have a lot of back roads here in Central Pennsylvania where houses are few and far between. And then there’s the interstates and Turnpike where exits are miles apart. Being trapped in a snowstorm or stuck in a snow bank with no help in sight can be terrifying. First and foremost – DON’T PANIC!! Danger! Will Robinson! Danger!

Avoid overexertion and exposure to the elements. Shoveling and bitter cold can kill. Always stay with your car. You won’t get lost and you’ll have shelter. Keep fresh air in your car, open a window on the sheltered side from the wind. Run the engine sparingly. When you do, make sure the tailpipe is free of snow. Beware of exhaust fumes and the possibility of carbon monoxide infiltration of the interior. If possible, use a candle for heat instead of the car’s heater. Set out a warning light or flares. Turn on the dome light; over use the headlights might drain the battery. Exercise your limbs to keep heat in your muscles. Keep moving and stay awake, don’t fall asleep. Keep vigilant watch for traffic or searchers. And listen to your mother – wear a hat. It can be possible to lose up to 60% of your body heat through your head.

Emergency Items

Here is a list of recommended items you might want to keep in your car:

  • RoadMap
  • Extra Batteries
  • Blanket – Survival Blankets
  • Sand or Kitty Litter
  • Tow Chain
  • Towels – Paper or Cloth
  • Extra Clothing & Boots
  • Battery Jumper Cables
  • Extra Washer Fluid
  • Matches & Candle
  • Flashlight
  • First Aid Kit
  • Shovel
  • Traction Mats
  • Compass
  • Warning Lights or Flares
  • Emergency Food Pack
  • Ice Scrapper & Brush
  • Dry Gas

As bad as our winters get, it can also be a fun time for the whole family. Just remember to stay safe and warm. And if you find your car doesn’t make it through the winter without a scratch, Select Collision Group will be here to make it beautiful again.