Winter Driving in Central Pennsylvania’s Version of “Frozen” #2

13 Oct

Driving In the SNow

Road Ready

Now that your car is ready to go, it’s time change your mind-set to the perils of WINTER DRIVING. If you have to drive in bad weather, (we must get to work), plan ahead and think caution.

Travel Conditions

This is a no-brainer, before you go out check the weather and travel conditions. PennDOT has an app for that. It’s called 511PA and you can download it at either Google Play for Android or the App Store. It gives you the most current and relevant traffic information and provides real-time, hands-free traffic advisories for every road in Pennsylvania. When travelling long distances, tell someone which route you’re taking and your expected arrival time. If you don’t turn up, they will know where to search.

Braking and Skidding

Ever get that sinking feeling when you apply your brakes and the tires stop but the car doesn’t? Not all vehicles respond in the same way to icy conditions. You need to know how to handle your particular car in various weather conditions. Slow down, increase the distance between your car and the one in front, and focus your attention as far ahead as possible to anticipate any trouble. Ease your foot on the brake and apply even pressure. If you have anti-lock brakes, don’t pump them. Shift the car into neutral to stop your forward momentum, if necessary. Don’t panic and overreact, don’t jamb on the brakes or you end up locking your wheels and will be out of control. Keep the steering wheel as steady as possible.

The cold weather brings with it the month long holiday season. Have fun, but stay sober – please don’t drink and drive. Better yet, be the designated driver.